Post 1 – Day 0: first time in the kitchen!

October 25th 2013:  my first day in a professional kitchen.
The head chef told me to be there at 5 pm for the dinner service. I supposed to start my 4 weeks training on the next week but
he told me that I can start from Friday. I accepted, obviously.
At 4.45 pm I was there, get dress with the uniform requested: white chef jacket, chef’s trousers, safety boots, apron and white hat.
The pastry chef gave me my first assignment: slice 7 apples for the amuse bouche salad. I stayed in the pastry section during the service, while in the main kitchen about 8 Korean guys were working on the line.
What I did:

  • sliced 15 dates and prepared the amouse bouche
  • diced 15 carrots for the beouf bourguignon
  • separated 79 eggs
  • stirred the creme anglase while the chef was plating the desserts
  • plated some desserts: creme brulee, floating island, chocolate mousse
  • cleaned the benches at the end of service

What I learned: separating eggs is not easy! In fresh eggs there is a lot of water and even if you try to pass the yolk from one half
of the shell to the other, there is always a small amount of water that is hard to get rid of. I asked the chef if I can crack the eggs
on a bowl and then separate them with my hands but she told me: “you can do it, but at home”. 😀
The problem is, she showed me, is that the white create lumps when you cook the creme anglaise. It can be fixed but it’s better if
you have not to do it.

The creme brulee is served with a tuile on the top. The chef asked me to prepare 3 tuiles for the plating: “Pay attention they are
very fragile”. She was right, I broke the first two that I picked up from the box… 🙂

At around 10.20 pm we finished the service. The head chef told me: “You will be in charge of the pastry section next week.”
WTF?! It will be fun next week!


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