Post 2 – Day 1: Larder section

Today has been the first official day of my 4 week “job experience”.
At 5 pm I was there, I went to get changed in the store room where I left my uniform. My hat was gone. F***! So the chef told me not to leave them because it often happens. So I was allowed to work without the hat, since I have very short hairs.
C, One of the French chef asked me to I start preparing the amuse-bouche as last Friday in the pastry section. Then the head chef asked me to prepare some ingredients for a new dessert recipe. Surprisingly after 30 minutes he told me to go in the main kitchen and start working in the larder section, coordinated by C.
What I did:

  • prepared the plates in the oven (lobster and main plates, casseroles)
  • prepared the plates when the orders are called by saying: “Yes, chef!”
  • always say “behind” while you’re walking in the kitchen
  • learned how to plate some entrees: beef carpaccio, herring, terrine board
  • chopped parsley
  • minced garlic
  • learned how to organise the lardon section
  • work clean tidy and fast

C. taught me some useful tips: when you start a job, give you a time and try to challenge yourself to finish by that deadline; next time decrease the time.


  • beef carpaccio plating: carpaccio, pepper, horseradish sauce, shallots sauce, vegetable garnish, salad + fennel +cranberry sauce, olive oil
  • herring: potato salad, herring, onions, carrots, 6 relish, cornichons on the top, pepper, olive oil
  • terrine board: 3 slices of bread, 2 slices pork terrine, 2 slices pig’s head brawn, pork rilette on bread slice with cornichon, brush olive oil

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