Post 3 – Day 2: More complicated in the larder section!

I am writing this on the train on my way home.
Today was tougher that the previous 2 days. Same service from 5 pm to 10.
Now I am in charge of the lardons section and I have to be independent on my duties:

  • set the mise en place of my station
  • plating entrees
  • prepared ingredients for the next day/service
  • move the hot plates from the oven when the chefs required them saying “Yes chef!”.

Yesterday chef C. explained me and showed me how to plate the entrees and helped me while I was doing that. But today I have to do it perfectly. This was important to show them that I learned what they taught me and don’t do the same mistake. Unfortunately it happened. I splashed a lake of oil on the plate while I was plating the herrings. Something that cannot be fixed by dry the oil with a towel… Shit. Chef K. was watching me and suggest me to dry the herrings on a towel before plating them. Thanks…
Furthermore in the kitchen you have to be fast. They told me about 4-5 times during the service.
They also told me many times to keep my bench and fridge clean and organized. When some ingredient for the mise en place is going to finish prepared it quickly.
Tomorrow I will do the same, I suppose. I have to be faster and not making mistakes.

Notes. My mise en place consist of:
before service (between 5 pm to around 6.30):

  • prepared the baguettes
  • place the plates in the oven at 85°

on the bench:

  • 2 single ramekins of tomato concasse, 1 big for the main section
  • 1 ramekin each of: slides cornichons, minced chives, capers
  • 1 container with olive oil + brush
  • 1 container with clean spoons
  • 1 container of cornichons
  • 1 container with shallots + parsley + olive oil
  • 1 container with rocket
  • 1 container with julienne apples
  • 1 container with sliced fennel
  • baguettes for the terrines
  • 2 empty bowls for preparing the salads

in the fridge:

  • terrines
  • sliced carpaccio, horseradish cream, blueberries sauce
  • in the common area:
  • olive oil, pepper

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