Post 4 – Day 3: Garnish section

This morning I ran my daily 12 km, bought 10 kg of rice for $10, had lunch and went to the restaurant at 5 pm. No office today.

Yesterday was a little bit difficult running the larder section only by myself so today I was ready to improve my performance.
Nevertheless, when arrived C. told me that he would had ran the pastry section and I had to ask to the other chefs my position for the service. Chef Y. told me that the head chef had his day off and I could start dicing capsicums for next day’s ratatouille. C. show me how.
In this restaurant they like to rotate the people in the kitchen, so everyone learn everything. Excellent. 😉

Therefore chef K. explained me my duties: help him running the garnish section.
The mise en place for this section consist of sauces, mash potatoes, stocks keep warmed on a bain marie or in the stove ready to be plated in entree and main dishes:

  • mustard sauce for salmon sausages
  • saffron sauce for the lobster
  • tomato soup
  • mashed potatoes for the fish main
  • boiling water with thyme and garlic for boiling gnocchi
  • other stuff that I don’t remember… 🙂

On the bench:

  • pre cooked risotto
  • dice of butter in water
  • parmesan
  • tomato chutney
  • onion lyonnaise
  • dried onions
  • balsamic sauce
  • olive oil
  • chives
  • tomato concasse

I also had to prepare a new entree the tomato tart:

  1. base of puff pastry (I think…)
  2. tomato chutney
  3. onion lyonnaise
  4. egg sliced in 4
  5. 4 tomatoes
  6. 2 anchovies
  7. bake 4 minutes
  8. mayo on the board
  9. crunchy nuts
  10. salad + lemon dressing + concassè
  11. cream quenelle on the top
  12. dried onions
  13. chives
  14. balsamic

Chef C. showed me how to prepared 4 of them, one vegetarian without anchovies. Guess what? During the service they ordered exactly 4 tarts, one of which vegetarian. I forgot the concasse on the last one. 😀
There was another guy on the larder section, Ke. young, nice and quite. He showed me how to prepared the soups that are served as amuse-bouche.
So tonight was very quite for me, chef K. do all the jobs, I only plated 4 tarts, about 10 soups and diced a box and a half of capsicums…

At the end of the night there were leftover madeleines and mille-feuilles on the pass. They told me: “serve yourself”. Then chef A. gave me a box container with my name: “this is for you, pork and potato gratin”. Wow!

Pork, prunes, potato gratin

Pork, prunes, potato gratin


Tonight last day of the first week!


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