Post 7 – Day 6: Only 2 orders?!

Today I ran 12 km, went to the office for a meeting that took 2 hours and at 5 pm I was at the restaurant.

Veeeeery quite evening. Maybe only 2-3 orders.

Anyway, I’ve done something new:

  • cut the end part of 20 kg of duck legs with a pairing knife (so during the cooking the meat can shrink)
  • minced parsley
  • peeled blanched tomatoes for the concasse
  • prepared amouse-bouche soups
  • plated some tomato tarts

The head chef told me that he can process 100 duck legs in 15 minutes. It took me 45. 😀
My dull knife sucks. I’m starting being annoyed about it.

We finished service at 9.30. But I lost the train for 10 seconds and I had to wait the next one 30 minutes later. So I enjoy reading The 4-hours workweek.


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