Post 10 – Day 9: first day of the 3rd week

Tough day. I am still in recovery mode from the weekend (hard running training + cycling + heat + housewarming party). This morning my legs were still sore and I ran the slowest 12 km of the year. 😦

Then I had to cycle to the office and doing 2 annoying hours of estimates for a new project that I don’t want to do.
At 5 pm I was ready in the restaurant kitchen.

However the service time was pretty good. I didn’t feel tired and since there were only about 10 covers (I suppose…) I enjoyed the evening.

What I’ve done:

  • minced herbs (basil, parsley, thyme)
  • minced shallots
  • prepared amuse-bouche soups
  • prepared 2 tomato tarts
  • cored cooked aubergines
  • prepared croutons (thinly sliced bread, baked 8 min with brush of herbs oil, rock salt)

Wednesday evening of last week was the quietest ever. Let’s see if tonight will be the same!


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