Post 11 – Day 10: busy Wednesday

This morning I ran slow 12 km, had lunch ride to the restaurant started working at 5 pm.

As always, when you expect something to happen, the opposite occur. Last Wednesday was veeeeery quite and I had thought that tonight would have been the same. Wrong assumption. 😀

For the first time there was an order for a table of 11 people.

What I have done in the garnish section:

  • minced shallots
  • re-heated baguettes for the service
  • prepared amuse-bouche soups
  • prepared tomato tarts entree (4 in a row for an order, first time)
  • prepared charcuterie board entree
  • warmed mashed potatoes on the stove (the bottom don’t have to brown, that obviously happened and I was told to replace the pot)
  • plated mashed potatoes (chef L. showed me how but I messed up, obviously)

I haven’t write about that but at the end of the service we always:

  • cling wrap all the leftover ingredients in our mise en place (many garnishes as tomato concasse, herbs, oil and edible ingredients that haven’t been used for X days finish on the bin, I hate this :()
  • wrap baguettes in cling film and place them in the cold room
  • scratch the benches with sponge and soap
  • rinse the benches
  • remove water from the baine-marie
  • wash the floor with 2 different mops
  • help the dishwasher to dry plates and pots and place them back on their place
  • dispose the garbage (that include a bucket o liquid fat)

Before service I talked with the head chef about cooking then he showed me how he preserve the beef chuck that was cooked overnight. During the service he assigned me to the garnish section and told me that my duties were to prepare soups, tomato tarts and charcuterie boards.

Chef K. was injured at his food and was in pain. I wanted to help him, but I couldn’t do any of his jobs because I am not allowed to cook mains on the stoves!


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