Post 13 – Day 12: 3rd Friday evening service

Not bad today. 12 km in the morning, no office, good lunch, cycled to the restaurant. 5 pm ready in the kitchen.

During service I:

  • chopped parsley
  • warmed mashed potatoes
  • prepared amuse-bouche soups
  • prepared tomato tarts entree
  • prepared tomato charcuterie tart entree
  • re-filled giardinere ramekins for the charcuterie boards
  • chopped chives (my knife sucks I have definetely to buy a new one)
  • carried hot plates from the oven to the service table
  • prepared a box of basil leaves
  • prepared a box of coriander leaves

We had a 5 minute break at 9.30 pm while I talked with chefs A. and Y. They asked me about how I like cooking. It’s strange because they don’t enjoy cooking at home but only in a commercial kitchen… All chefs seemed pretty tired during the service but they are always nice to me. Lucky me. 🙂

Next week last week of the training period!


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