Post 14 – Day 13: 40 orders at once!

7.30 am: 12 km running

9.25 cycling to office

10.30 office

13.30 knife shopping (I want to try a Shun, I tried the Global G2 and the Wushtof Ikon Classic), lunch, reading at the library

17 ready at the restaurant

Finally a busy evening service! I asked to the waiter M.: “How many bookings for tonight?”. “Full booked, more than 80 people”. Wow!

The most exiting moment was the order of one table for 40 people. I had to prepare 40 soups at once! In the meanwhile the other chefs was plating the entrees. All the benches were completely covered by plates. For the first time the chef called the orders with a very loud voice.

Then the mains were prepared by chefs A., Y. and L. Everything worked perfectly and there was a strange atmosphere: everyone were fast at preparing the dishes but in the meanwhile calm and in control. No panic. For me as well even if I’ve just helped chef Y. to finish one of the entrees.

During the service I:

  • prepared mash potatoes (cooked in the stove then mashed with a food mill)
  • prepared croutons (sliced Turkish bread, brushed with herbs oil, sprinkled with flake salt, baked for about 10 minutes)
  • prepared baguettes
  • moved hot plates from the oven to the pass
  • prepared tomato tarts entree
  • prepared charcuterie board entree
  • prepared amuse-bouche soups
  • sliced fennel

Minus 3 days to the end of the internship!


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