Post 15 – Day 14: Quite Wednesday (again)

Scar on my arm

Same day as yesterday, the only difference: 8 covers instead of 80. 😀

During the service I:

  • cooked mashed potatoes
  • warmed mashed potatoes
  • prepared tomato tarts entree
  • warmed bread
  • minced shallots
  • deboned an hotel pan of pig’s trotters (the meat will be use for the terrine)

I realized one of the chef’s hobby: collecting scars caused by being burnt somewhere. Oven is the main source for the purpose but I am learning new ones:

  • sprays of hot oil or liquid food from the frying pans on the stove
  • hot plates from the oven
  • unattended hot trays on the bench left from other chefs that you take with your hands because you think they are cold

I’m at quote 5 in almost 4 weeks, I want to reach 10 in the next month. 😀


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