Post 17 – Day 16: Last day of the internship

This morning late 12 km run, some reading about review of chef’s knives then cycled to the restaurant for the last day of my internship.

I should say that for me was the busiest service in these 4 weeks. I had to run both the larder and garnish section and prepare more entrees that I usually do.

I started by preparing two trays of tomatoes for the tarts (sliced 15 tomatoes in quarters, salt, chopped thyme, balsamic, olive oil, 25 minutes in the oven, rotate the tray, other 10 minutes) then I:

  • prepared amuse-bouche soups
  • prepared tomato tarts entree (chef Y. yelled at me 3 times that the tart has to be hot and I don’t have to prepare them in advance while the other entrees from the main section haven’t be ready yet)
  • prepared carpaccio entree
  • prepared charcuterie board entree
  • chopped chives (I hate to do that with my dull knife :()
  • julienned apples for salads

Finally during the service I heard an angry French chef yelling in Gordon Ramsay style! He was the owner of the restaurant. He’s old, I saw him 4-5 times in these 4 weeks. He’s very nice and always smiles at me and ask “how are you?”. He never cooks on the line, just give directions for new recipes to the head chef.
Tonight he was entertaining the guests at the table when he came back in the kitchen saying that the sauce wasn’t good or something like that. Then, since everyone was busy at their jobs and he didn’t give him attention (I suppose) he started yelling: “You have to listen to me and follow my order when I say something, this sauce is shit and you have to fix it!!!” or something similar with some f**k in the middle. πŸ˜€

However, nobody was particularly worried about that or started to loose control. Very professional guys. πŸ™‚

As I supposed the head chef hasn’t realized that it was my last day of the internship. When I asked him: “Good chef, then?”. “See you next Tuesday for your last week!”. I said: “Ehm, actually today has been the last day…”.

So now I am waiting until next Wednesday since he has to propose my position to the owner. He told me that probably I will run the larder section for 2 full days a week: 9 am to 3.30 pm, break then 5.30 pm to 10.30 pm.

Finger crossed. πŸ˜‰


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