Post 19 – Days 5-8 (of 26): I keep the pace!

I’ve just came back from work. A little bit tired but happy. This week has been much better than the previous one. The first time that the chefs show me how to do a new job and I had to do it by myself I almost do it wrong. Not completely but with some imperfections. I miss the chives on the potato salad or I don’t dress the salads with the right amount of dressing. But at the 3rd time I always do it properly. And that’s the important thing, improve a little bit every day and never do the same mistake again.

In this week I was in charge of the larder section and from next week my responsibilities will be more. I have to take care of the mise en place of the ingredients, check if they are all ready for service and if not, I have to communicate with the other chefs so they can place the orders for what is missing. However I can’t order a lot of stuff in advance because the ingredients have to be fresh and some vegetables can’t last for more than 2 days. I have to order them based on the bookings and predict the exact amount needed for every day. Good, I will learn something new.

So, this week was good because I got more confidence and I can manage the multitasking during the service without (almost) any mistake. What I did this week for the mise en place:

  • tomato concasse
  • potato salad
  • mash potatoes
  • soft, hard boiled eggs
  • chopped parsley
  • brunoise shallots
  • sliced serrano ham and carpaccio
  • sliced cornichons
  • julienned apples
  • sliced fennels
  • sliced tomatoes
  • prepared salads (rocket, spinach, coarse lettuce)
  • prepared croutons
  • cut puff pastry for tomato tarts
  • sliced avocados

During the service:

  • served amuse bouche soups
  • plated entree at lunch service (egg mimosa, nicoise salad, prawns tart, herrings)
  • plated entree at dinner service (carpaccio, terrine board, tomato tart)
  • plated a main dish (tian)

At this time the negative points are:

  • working full time (Thursday and Friday from 9 am to 10.30 pm) is not very healthy. I sleep only 7 hours (usually 8.5-9) and I can’t run my 12 km in the morning;
  • the head chef L. and chef Y. are leaving at the end of the month; two of the most experienced and nicest guy in the kitchen;
  • there’s not enough time to interact with my colleague (especially with the waiters); during the 10 min break at service we have a chat but after service we all go home straight to sleep;


  • I did’t get any offence from chef E. this week;
  • all the colleagues are very nice; even if chef K. hates this place and is the only one swearing he’s very patient with me and he’s teaching a lot of things; I it’s because of my enthusiasm and good mood;
  • my new knife is working very well; sometimes chef Y. use it because is veeeeeery sharp 😀

Next week third week. Chef Y. told me that I will run the garnish section buy myself!


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