Post 21 – Days 13-15: Christmas week in the restaurant!

A different week than the previous, since my roster changed. Chef K. was enjoying his annual leave so I have to replace him in this 2 weeks.

9 am Tuesday morning, Christmas eve, ready in the kitchen. Ordinary day, I worked in the larder section doing all the jobs that I’ve already done plus something new. Kv, the other apprentice in the garnish section, chefs Y., A. and the head chef cooking on the stoves. There haven’t been many customers, I mean, no full booking at lunch and dinner. I like when the lunch is not busy so we can have a longer break, sometimes almost 2 hours from 3.45 pm to 17.45 pm. During the break we have the staff lunch cooked by chef A. or sometimes from chef Y. then eat outside the restaurant in some benches or o sit somewhere under the shade. If we are very tired we even talked to each other, just eat looking at the non-landscape or play with the cell phone trying to avoid a conversation. ๐Ÿ™‚

However yesterday (Friday) I had a long interesting chat with chef Y., joined for a while by chef C.
I like to speak with chef Y. because he has a good background, he worked in very good restaurant, he’s passionate about cooking and always makes jokes. With the other chefs is not the same, a couple work only for the money and since I am very interested in talking about food and cooking you can’t have a conversation about chefs, restaurants, future plans with this kind of people.
Is like during a party when you ask to a software developer: “Ah cool, so you are a programmer, which languages are you working with at the moment?”. The non-passionate employee usually reply: “Sorry mate, I don’t want to talk about job at a party! Let’s have a beer instead!”.
For that reason I will miss chef Y., I hope another one with the same attitude will join the kitchen staff.

Christmas day restaurant closed. I enjoyed the day with a 20 km run in the morning, help cooking lunch at my friend house and have it with friends, swim at the beach and in the evening we went to other friends house where I cooked a pasta and we had dinner all together.
The day after, Boxing day here in Australia, I woke up ride to my office, ran 12 km detox and then ride to Perth city center. Why? I caught up with the other chefs and we went to have lunch at the farm of the restaurant owner!
As usual, here in Australia you have to drive at least 100 km to reach a “rural” place. So 2 cars, 5 people each for a 1.5 hour drive. I had to seat on the back in the middle between chef A. and C. The latter is a huge guy so I had to compress myself an make my ass square in order to fit the seat. ๐Ÿ˜€

The lunch was nice, we had food from the restaurant that chef L. and Y. prepared. Actually they just plated the food. I also contribute because they asked me to make a potato salad. A lot of potato salad. In fact at the end of the lunch 3/4 finished in the bin. I hate that waste of food.
Anyway, after 5 Corona I was still sober and I listened to chef’s A. histories about his past. I love to ask questions to people so they can talk for hours by pumping their ego. ๐Ÿ˜€
He showed us how he re-builded his own house from scratch, in the middle of the nowhere, here in Australia.
Then they played pool while I was browsing at his book in his shelves. Most were gifts with dedications from friends and colleagues. I don’t think he has read any of them. ๐Ÿ™‚
At 5 pm we drove back and as usual after a big lunch everyone (except the driver, chef’s Y. wife) took a nap. ๐Ÿ˜€

Friday and Saturday I worked full day from 9 am to 10 pm. Service was relatively easy, Friday only 6 booking ๐Ÿ˜ฎ but last night more than 60. It was the first time I worked on Saturday and usually they clean EVERYTHING: Fridges, benches, knives, stoves, floors, windows.

Next week, only one day: new year’s eve.


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