Post 23 – Days 23-25: Bad mood at the restaurant

Last week I worked only 3 days, thanks to the discount of the previous week. Tuesday evening, Thursday and Friday full day.

Since the previous week I worked about 50 hours and I have been paid only for 24 I asked an explanation to the new head chef. It came out that I am not a “real” apprentice. As I understood an apprentice is a person that attend a culinary school and do practice in a restaurant. During the school holidays the apprentice suppose to work full time at the restaurant and being paid as “normal” (about 20 hours a week). That happens because he/she has to replace the hours that are not spent at school by working in the kitchen. Stupid slavery system.
Therefore the head chef will speak to the owners to organize my situation…

Overall the climate at the restaurant is negative. What happened in the last week:

  • Korean chef apprentice Ke. and 2 kitchen hands have been fired and replaced by other 2 that speak French (nobody replaced Ke. position…)
  • my roster has been changed, now I work 5 dinner service and only 1 lunch service
  • me and chef C. have to move ALL the stuff (a lot of stuff) from the store room in another place; that includes 4 freezers full of food (my arms and back thank you)
  • chefs A. and C. came back in the kitchen so the amount of work for each person is lowered

It seems that all are complaining about the new changes that the new chef have done. I try to adapt myself to his request and not think like “uff, this is not the way we usually do this…”. If he ask me to do something and I don’t understand well what he means I prefer to ask him again even if that’s annoying. Try to guess what he wants and produce a result that piss him off is worse that saying “Sorry chef, I am a retarded Italian, could you explain it again?”. πŸ˜€
I always try to do my jobs as best as I can and if the chef gives me shit despite my efforts… I don’t care! I just say “Yes chef, sorry chef” with a ironic smile in my face. For me is to have a clear conscience and being sure to have done everything at my best.

Anyway, during the service I don’t have any particular problem. I can prepare my starters with confidence and the chef don’t complain so much about my plating. Sometimes he also told me when I put the plated dishes on the pass: “Good job!”. πŸ™‚

Tomorrow another week will start. It will be fun as always. πŸ˜‰


One thought on “Post 23 – Days 23-25: Bad mood at the restaurant

  1. Well. your negative signs to other chefs are the individual differences.As on your part you accepted your mistakes, had explained it & even gave a smile.Patience you had for you’re so understanding & intelligent, you can go on & learn more, good luck!

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