Post 24 – Days 26-35: Never give up!

The last 2 weeks at the restaurant were regular. Same negative mood, staff unhappy about the kitchen management. The manager of the dining room left 2 weeks ago. Chef A. will leave in less than a month.

Anyway, I can manage with a good level of confidence my section, where I have to prepare the starters:

  • salmon rillette
  • tartine de piperade
  • pied de porc
  • soup pistou
  • oysters

The head chef has always to complain about something, an ingredient for the mise en place not properly prepared, the bread not enough toasted but at this point I am used to receive some shit every 10 minutes. It seems for him to be normal. The employees have only to be under pressure even if there’s not much work to do. One evening we had only 4 bookings, all the mise en place was ready and guess what? The head chef gave me something to do, I took my time because there were no rush but… “Come Nico, quick quick quick!!!”. Oh my god…

Despite all the small bad episodes that regularly happen there is something that seems improving: the staff meal. In the first weeks the new head chef prepared only vegetables, often leftovers with some or no proteins. But in these last 2 weeks we had some good stuff: schnitzels, home made burgers, pork with sauce and… my pasta! I’ve become the pasta boy, once a week the chef asked me to prepare a pasta for the evening staff meal. He told me to use all the ingredients I want. Obviously I tried to use not the most expensive but the result was good. Last Wednesday I was preparing spaghetti “carbonara” style when the chef owner told me: “Me and L. will also join you guys for the staff meal.”. The other chefs looked at me: “Oh Nico, pressure! You have to prepare a very nice pasta!”. Fortunately they appreciate the result. 🙂

Last Saturday me and chef A. were pretty tired. We had to work the whole week by ourselves because chef K. was home injured. I haven’t had time for my daily run that keep me fit and give some energy for the day and I didn’t sleep much. Five, sometimes 4 hours sleeping per night is not enough. Even if I can go to bed at 11.30 pm I preferred to eat, reading and watching video for a couple of hours. Not an healthy lifestyle. That’s what I told myself last week: “I can’t do anything during the day because I only work, I’ll take some time for myself at night. I should sleep to be ready and rested in the morning but who cares? I don’t have to workout so 6 or 4 hours sleep is the same…”. I have definitely to change my mindset and habits.

Tonight I’ll start the 4th week with the new head chef. I hope a new chef will be hired…


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