Post 25 – Days 36-46: Mayonnase is not an emulsion!

Me and the head chef

Me and the head chef

In these last 2 weeks the head chef looked for  a new chef that can join us in the kitchen.

2 weeks ago came a French guy for a trial. He has been working in restaurants for 15 years. In fact he was a kitchen-machine. 🙂 Fast, clean, organized. Unfortunately he last only one day. His house was too far from the restaurant and it took him one hour and a half to get to work. So he decided not to come any more. 😦

Last week came a young French guy that arrived in Australia 1 week ago. He last 3 days. 😀
He was the typical guy that works for money, without any passion or sign of interest about his profession. He just asked me what he had to do, never asked questions about the dishes, ingredients, preparation. As soon as I start explaining him something he already said “Ah yes, I know” before I can finish the sentence… I hope he can change his attitude otherwise he won’t enjoy any other workplace.

Last Saturday I started service in the morning at 10.30 instead of 9. The head chef told me the day before that I have to introduce a new Australian chef to my section. When I arrived I was introduce to the new chef R. Nice guy, he worked a couple of years in the previous restaurant of the current owner of this bistro. I introduce to him how we prepare all the starters, the plating, mise en place and all he needs to know in order to run the section by himself. In fact next Tuesday he will work in my place because I will have a day off. Chef gave me a break because “I worked hard” in the last 2 weeks and I came to work on Saturday lunch (I suppose not to do that).

One positive thing is that the head chef changed his mood. In the positive side. 🙂 He’s more relaxed and don’t give me shit as in the first 2 weeks. If I do some mistake he often teases me ironically. I just smile an keep going with my job.
I made a big smile (for not crying) when chef showed me how to make the Bearnaise sauce. He was telling me: “This is an emulsion”.
Me: “Like mayonnaise…”.
Chef: “No, mayonnaise is not an emulsion!”.
No comment. 😦

Next week suppose to be good. I hope. With one more chef in the kitchen life will be easier. 😉

Some pics of the dishes:


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