Post 27 – Days 51-55: Smiles in the kitchen!

Last week suppose to be a tough week. In fact it did’t start in the best way. As I arrived for the dinner service on Tuesday evening, chef C. that worked at lunch told me: “He[the head chef]’s still angry, give shit to everyone”. Good. 😀

Usually when the head chef arrives everything has to be ready: cutting boards and spoons on the benches, buckets with a sponge and water for cleaning in their places, fires have to be on as week as the air con.

On that night I had also to prepare the staff meal, as usual the chef asked me to cook a pasta using the ingredients that I want. Dinner had to be ready by 5.30 pm. What time is it? 5.17. Shit!

That’s what happen in the first 20 minutes:

5.20: everything ready on the benches, fires on, pot of salted water for the pasta on a big fire

5.21: in the cool room I take 2 onions, 1 big zucchini, 2 cloves of garlic, 2 red capsicums (colour counts :D), from the dry store the pasta

5.22: I put a big fry pan on the fire with oil, I start dicing onion and vegetables, onion and garlic on the pan

5.25: I return in the cool room to take eggs and cream, I mix them in a bowl with salt pepper

5.26: chef C. “Put some herbs and nice ingredients in the pasta!”, I go back in the cool room to take some parsley

5.27 shit, the pasta! I put 424 g of pasta in water. Cooking time 8 minutes. Shit.

5.35 vegetables in the pan start to burn, I put some water in the pan, chef arrives, “Hello chef!”

5.37 I drain the pasta, then I throw it in the pan with the mix of eggs

5.38 6 plates on the bench

5.39 I put the pasta on the plates, the chef asks “put some parmesan on the top”, I go in the cool room, take the parmesan, spread on each plate

5.45 on the table

5.46 “Mmm, Nico the pasta is very good!”


Fortunately the dinner service was smooth, the head chef started in bad mood but finished the evening making jokes to me.

The day after at 5.17 same story, I had to prepare the staff mean but more easier: I had to slice rockmelon and ham.

Service was ok. At the end the chef told me: “Tomorrow a new guy called T. will start to work with us”. Great!

In fact the last 3 days of the week were very good. The new guy started to work for the mains with the head chef and me and R. working on the starters.

Saturday we worked very well and at the end of service a beer for everyone (it was normal, but in the last 2 Saturday we haven’t seen any yellow liquid for free :D).

Today I’ll start a new week. Four weeks to go!


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