Post 0 – The preview

Let’s start this blog where I can share my work experience in restaurant kitchen.

But let’s start from the beginning. July 2007: at 25 I got my master degree in computer science. After 2 months I started working as programmer / software developer for an IT company (obviously). Since I moved out of my house I had to start cooking my dinners. I’ve always been a good eater, since my mother fed me with a lot of “good healthy” (in her opinion) food. From that moment I started being interested in improve my cooking. At first I only have to cook something edible. Then the “geek” came out and I wanted to learn how to make tasty food. That means that I started baking and making desserts. Slowly, in these last 3 years that interest became a real passion (someone called it obsession).

In 2009, after 2 years in the same company I had the crazy idea to quit my job, leave my country and go to Australia. In February 2010 I landed in this new place but in the follow year I couldn’t improve my cooking since I lived only in hostels… where the kitchens are not very equipped. πŸ˜€Β In March 2010 I decided to move into an house with a proper kitchen. Since then I can do all my crazy experiments.

Last June 2013 I got my permanent residency and I started working part time. That meant more free time that I can spend in the kitchen and have fun. But why not cooking in a professional kitchen? Simply because it a little bit hard to apply for a position for a 31 year old without any previous experience (I don’t consider put ingredients on pizzas for 9 months as professional chef job). Especially in a fine dining restaurant.

The solution? Asking to work for free! I made a list of the top restaurant of the city where I would like to work, prepared my resume, a nice and motivational presentation letter and went to each one to ask for a stage/internship.

Let’s say that I was lucky. The first restaurant where I applied for a work experience accepted my offer!
So now I am going to do a 4 week training. After that if everything is going to be fine, they will hire me.

It’s gonna be fun, I think. πŸ™‚